the deuce-tre manifesto.

hail eris.

the deuce-tre manifesto is a work in progress, and hopes to explain the essence of all that the deuce-tre aspire towards. it probably won't succeed, as there is very little public knowledge of what exactly they do. however, our sources are working around the clock to ensure that these enigmatic mind terrorists are represented properly within these pages.

the known deuce-tre were discovered in the early 90's, but the true age of the organization is not currently known. they may have existed under a different name prior to their known history. their purpose is equally obscured, but much can be learned about them by observing their behavior and social order.

without further ado, the working copy of the manifesto.


the deuce-tre manifesto

as told to johnny bastard and random d'escordian


The Deuce-Tre Art Mafia
is not a club,
a clique,
a political organization,
or anything so formal.
It is more akin
to a gang
whose favorite
is propoganda
and mind warfare.


This thought-gang
has no
but plenty
of prejudices.

The Oldest Known Deuce-Tre

The Deuce-Tre
is a violent union
of Erisians,
and other unlike-minded
rogue game-heads
and local punks.

They were here
before you came,
they'll be here
when you leave,
and you