the oracle of kermix.

rhymes with "nervix".

New: The Gruesome Visage of kermix
Updated: The Project 23 Soundtrack ShoutCast at

The Beginning. damn fine place for one, too.

right now, this is merely a small portal with a big chunk of text. in the future, it may house the journal. won't you be the lucky ones?

oracle links you to ...well, this page.

journal is currently on, a pretty cool online journal host (or "blog", as others call it). i just call it my lj, as do most of the people i know that use it.

new media is somewhat of a misnomer, as most of my "new media" is old macromedia flash.

pineal gland refers to all things discordian, and includes 23 stories, tales of the little known (and less understood) deuce-tre.

the list is self-explanatory.

support system is also fairly self-explanatory; a rather special list of the people i've met who have contributed to the birth and fostering of the oracle.