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Sunday, February 03, 2002

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Broadband is the good shiz. But again, I have to say, whither epersonŠ?

Friday, January 25, 2002

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This made me feel better about playing the ToonTown beta (while I still could). I was rather surprised to see that a popular, outspoken internet gaming personality held the same conflicted frame of mind as I did in regards to the inability to stop playing this game. Then I thought for a second, and decided that I was surprised that I was surprised. I would have been stuck in an infinite loop from that point on, were it not for the fact that this (beware the flood of advertising) made everything absolutely crystal clear:

According to Tycho, this test is fairly accurate, as his result was also Tycho. I guess I'll have to start watching out for those "radio active scorpions", whatever those are.

Monday, January 21, 2002

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What the heck was that?

Whatever. It's publishing now.

A couple small morsels of info.

I think I'm ready for that comment-posting code now. Especially considering the fact that, if I migrate, I may be migrating an audience.

Also, I got my first parking ticket ever last night from the Sierra Madre welcome wagon. They're several months late, but I won't tell them how long I've been parking on the street.

They say that my company's intranet may someday go completely Linux. But you didn't hear that from me. If you had, you would have heard me go, "wahoo!" or something equally interjective.

And finally: Happy birthday, Jam Master J!

Sunday, January 20, 2002

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Not much happening of interest, for a change. Hammered away at another small chunk of cards last night, then exploited a TT bug that leaves you with a big head until you log out. The big head is normally just a part of a stupid game of Tag, where the person who is "It" has a big head. However, a last-split-second tag before exiting the game can leave you with said big head, so you can run around like you're in NBA Jam in Big Head Mode.

I don't think anyone else can see it though.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

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 Dear Japan, you are fucking freaky. Love, Kermix

Thanks to Neptune for the link.

I was awake early, and at work early, because my boss left early yesterday (presumably sick) and didn't come back this morning. It should be a nice long boring money-grubbing day that I'll wish I had gamez for.

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Much closer now. Aligning the images left in this template was actually a mistake.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

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I think the date header trick is one of the last touches this thing needed... and the last thing I needed when I'm up too damn late.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

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 I haven't been posting concurrently between this journal and the legacy system, so I feel the need to repost last night's entry from there. It's not terribly important to the fate of mankind or anything, but I eventually have to decide between the two journals, and I figure this might help me decide. Or not. Whatever.

Now, before I launch off into a total gamehead rant, let me first advise the reader that, until about a week ago, I was very proud to have had zero experience in mass-multiplayer online RPG. Zero. Never touched EverQuack. Watched people play Diablo II. Played a few MUDs back in the BBS days, but this was a far cry from the MMORPG of the modern world. And a few days ago, I was ready to say I'd snapped. Been sucked in, transfixed by a pair of mysterious spherical click-clacks that could only have been formed by dark evil magic. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the angle of the ears, on the first link, and notice that it's the same in absolutely every shot. They never rotate. Ever. Hence, creepy and evil. Ooooooo.)

Today, however, things might be different.

The problem with ToonTown, I have discovered, is what I perceive to be the potential problem with all other MMORPGs in existence. No, it's not in the code. The game as far as I have seen is pretty solid, and although it does an odd disappear(crash)ing act every so often, I have come to expect that from a free beta product. It lets me know that chaos is still alive and well in cyberspace. The design and the combat system are fairly simplistic, but they make perfect sense within the paradigm. The graphics are what you'd expect from a bunch of toons; but it's what we do with the toons themselves that makes it (and them) so damn funny (Exhibits A, B, and C).

No, the problem with ToonTown is the same problem as all other MMORPGs possess inherently: Other People.

Dig, if you will, a building. Three of us storm it in style. One of the three disconnects, unceremoniously, as we are in the make-or-break moments of the last series of fights. The other two of us (one, I might mention, happened to be my sorry ass, and the other was Random, nee "Scratchy" in the above Exhibits) are left to the slaughter that the three of us might have been able to handle; without our third combatant, we were beyond squishy.

And while the only thing wasted in all of this, really, is time, it's a big massive lot of time when you start tallying all the numbers. I have learned in my travels that it is good to be able to count on other people, but it is better to make sure that you don't always have to. Those teachings make this situation all the more ironic, because now you're dealing with an entire class of game that encourages cooperation by requiring it, to an extent, if you are to progress during the months that you start as one of the unwashed masses.

And that sort of thing really tends to suck up vast amounts of time, exponentially, compared to something so simple and beautiful as, say, Capcom's Bionic Commando for the NES.

So, am I done with this whole Toon/MMO racket? Don't know yet. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll just go there when I feel like getting pounded.

I still hate the word 'blog'.