new media.

more like new old media.

right on. this here is the storage house for all of my old projects... the ones i can still find, anyway. a lot of this was stockpiled and placed in the format of an online flash resume, which was a really handy thing to have, when flash was still something you could get paid for. at the time, however, it was pretty much my only skill, and most of the jobs out there wanted fucktons of webmaster skills, and flash was listed as a "plus". at the very least, flash has provided me with hours of amusement.


the new detective (link pending) was a local radio skit in the early- to mid- 90's, written, produced, and voiced by john frost. he didn't have the energy (or the cash flow) to keep on doing his thing, and quite frankly, neither did i. still, i managed to get a few nifty flash characters out of the whole thing, and i still have some basic animations for them, should i decide i can take some time to animate more of his material. however, the chances of that are very slim, and the reader is advised not to get their hopes up.

i also made a very short (and slightly mediocre) flash bit to promote discordianism as a whole, as well as one for 23 stories.

my favorite use of flash so far has been the flash music player. was the first i saw to implement it ("they can do that?"), and they were the ones who got me curious enough to figure out how the hell they did it. streaming audio through the web, not just the internet. gotta love it.