pineal gland.

hail eris.

if you are not sure what the pineal gland is, consult your pineal gland.

Principia Discordia: the bible of the discordian faith. this tell-all manifesto documents the discovery of Eris, goddess of confusion and strife, and Her dealings with things lately.

23 Stories: the deuce-tre, an uncommon pairing of discordian and subgenius faiths, is little known (and less understood)... but we have provided a few essays which may shed light on the mind bombs dropped by this public secret society gang. note: the deuce-tre depicted in these documents predates the counter-strike clan of the same name.

deuce-tre manifesto: a work in progress.

I-Jing-A-Ling Thing: for those who are already familiar with discordia and its many relatives, we offer this eristic translation of the I Ching.