support system.

you guys are cool.

the support system is composed of friends, loved ones, and partners in crime. i'm a bit absent-minded when it comes to composing complete lists; if you're not on this page, but you're pretty sure you should be, don't be shy about calling me on it. then again, don't be an asshole either or you might not deserve it so much after you're through.


darksmile: to many accounts, my east-coast dark side doppelganger. we have our differences, and yet we see in each other our own reflection. his musical tastes are about as "refined" (i.e., pretentious) as my own, though i think he ultimately wins out in that category.

dysthymia: while i haven't gotten to know him all that well, he is a mutual friend of much of my recent online crew, and i managed to catch him up late one or two nights to exchange advice in matters of the heart.

epersonae: i have known her longer than anyone else i can name that i have found online. when i last stumbled upon traces of her, it was after four years of radio silence, and i discovered that in addition to her writing, and having an online "blog" of her own, she had become a hardcore web designer in my absence; we had taken virtually the same roads, as geekiness goes. her design was, in truth, the basis for this iteration of the site. (i may have even stolen borrowed the lack of capitalization.

drunklars: when not drunk, some of his observations have been quite (ahem) sobering.

jocellena: what is it with me and aspiring female novelists? she was there for me when i started on the tech support road, and we now communicate regularly, and trade advice often, over AIM even though she is states away. we always found something to argue about, but it always made me think, and learn, and grow, and for this, i thank her with all my heart.


I think this says everything I would ever want to say about her. May you continue to shine in everything you choose to do.